Tax audits

Audit systems are being used increasingly to eradicate tax evasion and tax avoidance. Audits are now targeted and more advanced. To find tax evasion and undeclared income, auditors draw and compare multiple pieces of information and data.

A tax expert with knowledge and experience needs to watch the audit process until its finalization.

Anaptyxiakos Kuklos has helped dozens of companies with all kind of tax audits. This has helped ensure that laws and rules are complied with and kept companies safe from audit mistakes, ambiguity and wrong interpretations of laws and rules.

Within the scope of the above, we offer..

  • Keeping track of each call for an inspection
  • Evaluation of tax disputes
  • Writing up and submitting appeals


  • Pre-emptive tax audits, compliance and appraisal of implications
  • Payment of back taxes
  • Forecast of potential tax implications
Tax audits