Setting up a Company from Abroad

Foreign Branch

The Greek corporate law permits foreign legal entities to establish branches in Greece. Setting up a foreign branch is a common and increasingly popular activity since it provides each company with several competitive benefits.

A foreign firm's branch does not operate as a separate legal entity from its parent company. The Greek branch can conduct all or part of its operations in Greece and is subject to the same tax and accounting obligations as a Greek corporation.

Benefits of Having a Foreign Branch in Greece

  • Non-employees pay no EFKA (National Social Security Fund) contributions
  • Exemption from dividend distribution in Greece
  • Appointment as a legal representative of any individual with a Greek TIN (i.e. Taxpayer Identification Number) is possible
  • A consolidated balance sheet must be submitted in the country where the company's legal seat/ headquarters is located
  • VAT-free intra-Community transactions routed through the company's foreign headquarters and a branch in Greece
  • A joint cash availability configuration between the main branch abroad and the branch in Greece

Anaptyxiakos Kuklos undertakes the establishment of a foreign company's branch in Greece. We help with legal, consulting, accounting and tax issues.

Setting up a Company from |Abroad