Digital bookkeeping, MyDATA Platform

Managing electronic transactions effectively

Digital transformation and digital bookkeeping are now a part of everyday life in Tax Administration. Businesses are moving into a new billing environment and are required to use MyDATA Electronic Invoicing services and an E-bookkeeping application.

This changes the way accounting is monitored. Putting together accounting documents can be done automatically, but it also gets harder and harder to do.

Within the scope of the above, we offer..

  • Digital bookkeeping and updating
  • Digital bookkeeping and updating for NGOs – associations – societies
  • Reconciliation and cross-checking of accounts
  • Preparation of annual financial reports according to GAS (Greek Accounting Standards)
  • Accounting organization and supervision
  • Balance sheets and financial results analysis
  • News from GEMI (General Commercial Registry)
Digital bookkeeping, |MyDATA Platform